Untitled Machine / Last Impressions

İsimsiz Makina /Son Baskılar


Mixed media installation

24 limited edition original prints on paper

Untitled Machine and Last Impressions were part of An Attempt at Exhausting a Place, a group show at Istanbul's recently closed Passover Bakery. Untitled Machine mirrors the 21 m long machine still located on the first floor of the exhibition space. The installation consists of 14 video loops shot from various parts of the machine as it runs without producing anything. Last Impressions were created as the machine was ran one last time to produce a series of 24 prints on paper. The installation also includes a headset with excerpts from interviews conducted with various people who have had some kind of affinity to the space.

Exhibition text by Lara Fresko, An Attempt at Exhausting a Place (revised version), M-est, May 2012

Selected Press:

Elif Batuman, Phantom Matzo Factory, The NewYorker, May 2012

Jay Cassano, An Exhausted Machine, Mashallah News, May 2012


Photo by Sevim Sancaktar  (Passover Bakery)


Photo by Sevim Sancaktar  (Passover Bakery)

UntitledMachine_Installation Shot from An Attempt at Exhausting a Place_SibelHorada_2012

Photo by Sevim Sancaktar (Passover Bakery)

Video documentation by Işık Kaya (excerpt from Pilevneli Project)



An Attempt at Exhausting a Place, Passover Bakery, March 29- April 20 2012, Istanbul

Untitled II, Pilevneli Project, April 10 – 27 2013, Istanbul