Fire Chronicles

Yangın Günlükleri


“Fire Chronicles” is a process and interaction based accumulation initiated by Sibel Horada as part of her first solo exhibition and assembled with varying fragments during the course of its consecutive installments at different venues.

“Fire Chronicles” deals with fire as a moment of radical transformation and consists of found objects, burnt objects, images and inkless notes on remembering, forgetting, time, history and identity.

2012 Daire Gallery, Istanbul "Fire Chronicles / Yangın Günlükleri" June 7th - September 18th 2012

2013 MAK Museum, Vienna "Signs Taken in Wonder: Searching for Contemporary Istanbul" January 23 - April 21st 2013

2013 Kunstverein, Hannover "Signs Taken in Wonder: Searching for Contemporary Istanbul"  September 7 - November 10 2013

Upcoming: 2014 Port İzmir 3, Izmir


Selected Press

Christina Anglanda, Fire Chronicles by Sibel Horada, HereTogetherNow Blog, 2013

Seda Yörüker, Bir Duygulanım Olarak Arşive Dalmak, Genç Sanat, Temmuz-Agustos 2012

Neylan Bagcioglu, Interview with Sibel Horada: Yangın Bacayı Sarınca, Radikal,  21 Haziran 2012


Kunstverein Hannover »Signs Taken in Wonder« 2013. Photo: Raimund Zakowski

Fire Chronicles @MAK Vienna

MAK museum Vienna »Signs Taken in Wonder« 2013. Photo: MAK / Katrin Wißkirchen

Daire Gallery, Photo: Guy Martin



Photo by MAK / Katrin Wißkirchen


Photo by MAK / Katrin Wißkirchen


Photo by MAK / Katrin Wißkirchen

16527  16528

Photos by MAK / Katrin Wißkirchen


SibelHorada_Fire Chronicles_PhotoCredit Berin Esen1

SibelHorada_Fire Chronicles_PhotoCredit Berin Esen2

SibelHorada_Fire Chronicles_PhotoCredit Berin Esen3

C-print/Diasec, 50×75 each

(Special thanks to Guy Martin)