A Fall // Istanbul

Düşüş // Istanbul

A transposition


”a Fall” responds to the story of a fallen monument in Madrid, where I spent 1,5 monts as an artist in residence at MataderoMadrid. 8 monts later, the adventure became a solo exhibition when I digitally stole the missing piece of the fallen monument and recreated it on a 1:1 scale in Istanbul.

The story was performed regularly during the exhibition and distributed as a publication, with texts by Elif Batuman, Nazlı Gürlek and Sibel Horada. Please contact Daire Gallery to acquire your copy.

Click to download the PDF version of the publication, a Fall.   Click to download the PDF version of Elif Batuman's Wing Story, from the publication, a Fall.    

Selected Press:

"Wing Story" by Elif Batuman also appeared in Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagzeitung in German as "Schnurr Bärte" on 10 November 2013.

"Pegasus with a Broken Wing a Story of Destruction, Displacement, and Reproduction" by Nazli Gurlek also appeared in m-est.

"Artist's Journey on Lost Wing in Madrid ends in İstanbul" by Rumeysa Kiger in Today's Zaman (October 29, 2013)

"85.7 MB'lık Bir Kanat" by Özge Yılmaz in Art Unlimited (December 2013)