Migration Wave

Göç Dalgası



Migration Wave hosts members of a migrating coral population in one of the classrooms of the Halki Seminary. Endangered by the intense construction activity on the islands of Yassıada and Sivriada, yellow corals have been transported to Neandros Island as part of a rescue project. The installation tackles this sustenance effort both literally and metaphorically. Placed inside the reality of a classroom prohibited since 1971, “Migration Wave” invites reflections on the trauma induced by the blight of life-sustaining dynamics between actors of the ecosystem.

PRESS Topraktan denize: Mücadele hakkında düşünmek by Lesli Jebahar in Art Unlimited    





Installation view. Photo: Suat EmanSibelHorada_MigrationWave_SuatEman_2

Installation view. Photo: Suat Eman