As If It Never Existed

Hiç Var Olmamış Gibi


Wood installation, dimentions variable


“As if It Never Existed” is dedicated to the memory of a Paulownia tree which once existed at the gardens of Yıldız Technical University. The tree which must have been among the oldest Paulownia’s in Istanbul was cut down in 2009, and all thraces of it disappeared after a further attempt at removing its stump that had remained on the ground. The installation includes broken pieces of the stump and roots that the artist reclaims, along with some of the information she was able to gather about this particular tree.

Click here to read Vasıf Kortun's text for the catalogue of 29. Contemporary Artists Istanbul Exhibition curated by November Paynter and Marc Gloede.

29. Contemporary Artists İstanbul Exhibition, 2010, Akbank Sanat

Ambiguous Situations, 2010, Yıldız Technical University, Yüksel Sabancı Gallery